North Atlantic · Wild-caught · Sustainable fishing

Nordic marine collagen

We have created a world of the finest, pure collagen powder extracted from the skin of wild-caught cod. Experience the power of the North Atlantic in the form of marine collagen of the highest quality.

Up-cycled fish skin
Premium collagen peptides

Dissolves easily
& no added flavor

95% protein
& 20 amino acids

Free of PFAS.
Third-party tested

Type I collagen
Same type as in the skin

Upcycling of fish skin for premium collagen

Marine Collagen is made of hydrolysed fish skin from cod through an enzymatic process in which the protein is broken down into small collagen peptides. Get the full overview of the process from fish skin to premium collagen.

step 1


Our collagen is extracted from the skin of the great Arctic cod, which is caught off the coast of Northern Norway. It has lived freely in the ice cold, crystal-clear and nutritious sea, which makes it one of the world's finest raw materials.

For generations, the Norwegians have caught the amazing fish with respect for the sea and for the stock. That is why Norway today has the largest and most sustainable cod stock in the world.

Step 2

The cod is filleted and the skin is collected

After the fish is caught, the cod is carefully filleted and the skin, rich in collagen, is preserved. In collagen production, only the fish skin is used – a part of the cod that normally does not get the attention it deserves.

step 3

The fish skin is cleansed and cleaned

The cod skin is cleansed and cleaned of heavy metals and PFAS. What remains is a clean skin that complies with the applicable legislation, and which can now be used in the production of our beautiful collagen.

step 4

The fish skin and its proteins are broken down to smaller collagen peptides and amino acids

Our marine collagen contains all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essentials that cannot be formed in the body, but must be taken through the diet.

step 5

The collagen is filtered to remove unsoluble particles

The clean cod skin is soaked and filtered to remove the last particles. The pure mass can now be hydrolysed into the fine collagen powder you know from Vild Nord.

step 6

Hydrolysed collagene powder of the highest quality

Our marine collagen is a pure natural product which is hydrolysed to break down the protein into small collagen peptides. The peptides have a molecular weight of 3 kDa – the smaller the peptides, the better the absorption in the body.

When the peptides are absorbed into the body, they are broken down into amino acids, which the body uses to produce collagen itself.

Norwegian production

FSSC 22000 certified

FSC 22000-the certification ensures comprehensive checks on the production of raw materials for distribution, in order to eliminate pollution and errors. Certification is your guarantee that collagen production complies with applicable laws within food security.


Natural collagen peptides




amino acids,

Beautiful skin • Throughout life • All natural

clinically documented effect

Visible results by 8-12 weeks

Dermatological documentation based on an eight-week clinical dermatological application test with measurement of skin hydration after collagen intake, showed an increases the skin's natural moisture level. In order to achieve the best effect, we recommend that you take collagen daily - even after eight weeks.

Collagenproduction in the body

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our skin. Up to 80% of the skin consists of collagen.

As we age, the body's natural production of collagen decline by 1% per year from the age of 25. The declining level of collagen in the skin can be seen as the skin becomes less elastic and wrinkles and fine lines appear. Usually, it is changes in the facial skin that we first notice.

The effect of collagen on the skin

Collagen contributes to the elasticity and resilience of the skin and thus to the reduction of wrinkles and lines of skin. Collagen has a perfectly natural and decisive role in our skin throughout life, regardless of who we are and how we live our lives.


" After being started with colllagenated powder, I can clearly see and tell the difference between my skin. The fine lines in the forehead and around the eyes are significantly smaller. The structure in my skin has been softer to the face and to the body. "


”Vild Nord has had a huge effect on my skin, and especially on the lines of my forehead. I'm so glad I took one before.- "and when I can really see the difference here."


" A fine skin is the most obvious result I've got of marine collagen from Vild NordBut the most important thing is that my body feels satisfied. I've tried several variants, and I can recommend them all. "