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Focusing on your body

Being the person you are, you may care more about what you eat and what it contains than you did in the past. The amount of ingredients and additives in food and care products makes us more skeptical when we choose a new product to take home with us.

In the news, magazines and posts on social media, we hear about findings of harmful substances, like heavy metals and PFAS. You probably also gave these two substances a thought when you bought a collagen product.

Third Party Tests

When choosing a collagen product from Vild Nord, can you be sure the product is Free of PFAS. We are subject to European food legislation and thus also the limit values ​​for the heavy metals cadmium, mercury and lead in fish products and thus collagen.
The collagen is analyzed by a third party, so we are absolutely sure that the product we use does not exceed the limit values.

Clean collagen

You certainly want to know what the food you eat actually contains. That is why the list of ingredients is found on all foods, but sometimes the list is so long that you are left with more questions after reading the list than when you started. This is not, and should not be the case with our products.

Know what you get, with Vild Nord Collagen

When considering a collagen product, there are several things you can look for. Here are five important factors:

  • Source and type of collagen
    There are different types of collagen, such as collagen from fish, cattle or pork. It is important to know what type of collagen is used in the product.

  • Collagen concentration
    Investigate the collagen concentration of the product. 

  • Quality and purity
    Choose a collagen product that is of high quality and undergoes strict control to ensure that it is free of contaminants or impurities (eg heavy metals and PFAS).

  • Added ingredients and formula
    Check the product's label and ingredient list of added ingredients. Some collagen products may contain additional nutrients or excipients that can support the effect of collagen or provide extra benefits. Be aware of whether sugar, artificial colures or fillers have been added. You may want to avoid these.

  • Reviews and reputation
    Read reviews and investigate the reputation, e.g. in the form of awards, for the collagen product you are considering buying.

By taking all this into consideration, you can make an educated decision when choosing a collagen product that best suits your needs.

Clean collagen from Vild Nord

At Vild Nord, we want to ensure that the list of ingredient is as clear and transparent as possible. We carefully select the natural sources of ingredients in our products, so we ensure high quality, the best effect and at the same time a natural path to inner beauty.

"We believe that what you put in your body is of great importance to both your health and your well -being".

Vild Nord Collagen C+

When you choose a Vild Nord collage products from the HYDRO series, you avoid unnecessary additives such as sugar, masking substances and citric acid.

But what does our HYDRO collagen products contain and what significance does the ingredients have? You can get answers to this by reading further on, but first you´ll get some knowledge of the name "HYDRO".

The hydrosphere - a source of inspiration

Our first products, the HYDRO series, are inspired by the hydrosphere. The hydrosphere is where we belong, and it is where we find and harvest our beautiful ingredients that make up the HYDRO products - from the collagen to the beautiful berries.

Fresh berries

The ingredients are all from the wild northern nature, which allows us to keep our supply chain as short as possible as we do not need to pick up and carry the ingredients across the globe.
With our HYDRO products, we are inspired by the clean eating principle, where the idea of ​​"from earth to table" plays a big role. The products are for you who have an ambition to supplement your diet with something that makes sense, that is clean and created with a focus on the environment.

Hydro from Vild Nord

Well known Nordic ingredients

Our HYDRO collagen products are composed of ingredients that are all known here in the Nordic countries. We process ingredients as little as possible and therefore they are in the form of Food State.

Food State

Food State is a topic in itself, but in short it means that the nutrients are in food state and thus in a form that the body knows. Therefore, it will be easier for the body to absorb this kind of nutrients.

Whichever of our products you choose, you can quickly get an overview of what ingredients they contain. Our labels are easy to read and gives you all the information you need to get started with eating the product.
Below you can learn about what ingredients you find in our collagen products:

Cod - A source of collagen

Our marine collagen is derived from wild-caught North Atlantic cod. We use the fish skin as the source of the collagen, by upcycling a residual product that is typically used for fish feed, to a high quality inner beauty collagen for humans.
To upcycle means that we recycle waste products to avoid having to use new resources. We use as much as possible of the residual products we have available, so waste gets a new life in its best format.
By processing the fish skin, we can extract collagen and use it in all our collagen products.

Bulet tongs

The lovely seaweed is harvested in the cold and clear water, west of Scotland's coast. The harvest takes place in a sustainable way where the conservation and protection of the marine environment is in focus.

The seaweed contain a number of nutrients, including iodine that you find in several of the Vild Nord collagen variants for example Collagen C+, Collagen Green Boost and Collagen Gold


Hand-picked blueberries from Sweden, where the fresh air and beautiful nature give the berries juice and power. The Swedish blueberries are also known for their dark blue color, which is due to their natural content of anthocyanins. Is found in Collagen Beauty Remedy.


Vitamin C-rich acerola are small berries that in appearance are very similar to the Nordic cherries. The fine acerola berries grow in the tropical regions of the western hemisphere, where the climate is perfect for the berries.

The reason we have chosen to use acerola is that they are a great source of vitamin C. Acerola is found in Collagen Immune Remedy, Collagen Gold and Collagen Red Berries.

Organic mushroom

Organic mushroom (Portibello and White Button), which is a unique source of vitamin D. Get collagen and vitamin D in Collagen Immune Remedy.


The beautiful flower, echinacea, is a well-known flower and it is not without reason. It is especially known for supporting the immune system and therefore it is also part of Collagen Immune Remedy.

We use extracts of freshly harvested stems, leaves and flowers from the upper part of the herb. Echinacea derives from northern America, but today grows in many other parts of the world including the Nordic countries. It is found in Collagen Immune Remedy

Collagen Immune Remedy

Let go of your concerns

In a our hectic everyday life, it must be easy and fast to get the food you and your body need. It is through the food you eat that you get part of the energy you need to be the best version of yourself.
Although it sometimes has to be done fast, what you put in the body does not have to be of poorer quality than if you do everything from scratch.

An easier everyday life with Vild Nord

We are becoming more and more aware that what we put in our body has a bearing on our appearance, our well-being and our overall health. Bearing this in mind while managing the day's chores can make it difficult to get ends to meet.
When you choose a collagen product from us, you have one concern less in your everyday life. Our HYDRO products consist of the few ingredients that you find on the product's label - nothing else. The ingredients are as close to their natural form as possible, Food State, that your body already knows and can therefore absorb easily and quickly.

Vild Nord Hydro

While giving your body good nutrients, as mentioned, you should not worry about either heavy metals or PFAS. As a company, we would like to be transparent so you can make your choice of product on the best basis.
Which HYDRO Variant do you choose?

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