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New design - higher quality

Our passion for marine collagen, nature, and the sea is constantly growing. Therefore, we continuously develop and renew our range and the packaging we use for our collagen powder. This means that you are always guaranteed the best marine collagen, and at the same time, you can be sure that the packaging and content are meticulously designed down to the smallest detail.

Vild Nord Marine Collagen

New and improved packaging

The new packaging and design of the HYDRO products are absolutely fantastic, if we do say so ourselves. The beautiful gold-coloured label adorns each product, while the amount of plastic has been reduced due to its smaller size.

We carefully select the packaging we use, namely the plastic, based on three main criteria:

  1. It must ensure high food safety (HDPE and PP food-approved cans).
  2. It must prevent and reduce food waste.
  3. It must ensure recyclability.
We aim to do our part to ensure that the collagen powder stays fresh for as long as possible, so it doesn't end up as food waste due to the packaging not being optimal.Nyt design - højere kvalitet

How about the measuring spoon?

Another thing you'll undoubtedly notice when you first open one of our renewed HYDRO variants is that the small plastic measuring spoon is no longer there so you don't have to search for it. It's gone. This is both to reduce the amount of plastic and because we're confident that you have a perfectly usable tablespoon at home in your kitchen that is just as functional.

Brug en spiseske som måleske

Our responsibility - your guarantee

We see it as an important responsibility on our part to ensure that our packaging is of the highest quality so that the collagen powder you love can stay fresh, delicious, and effective for as long as possible. The food-safe packaging is your guarantee that you can enjoy your collagen powder from Vild Nord without worrying about harmful ingredients or poor quality.

Additionally, we aim to reduce the amount of single-use plastic, but we need your help. When the container is empty, it should be sorted correctly - this way, the plastic can be recycled again.Sortering af emballage

It's not just the packaging that's important. The product itself, marine collagen powder, is now MSC-certified. This is your guarantee that the collagen comes from certified sustainable fisheries.

You might already be familiar with the MSC certification, the little blue label on seafood products. If not, it means that the fishery from which the cod comes adheres to strict standards of sustainable fishing. This ensures the preservation of the ocean, the environment, and, of course, the fish stocks. Some collagen brands are ASC-certified, but is that the same as MSC? No, not at all.

ASC vs. MSC fiskeri

ASC focuses on sustainably farmed fishery resources, meaning fish from fish farms. It's not fish that have lived in the wild, as would be the case if the fish came from MSC-certified fisheries.

So if you truly care about what you eat, where it comes from, and how it's produced, MSC-certified marine collagen from Vild Nord is the safe choice.

A responsibility that lasts

We consider it a significant and important responsibility to ensure that our collagen products maintain the same high premium quality every time a product is sold. This applies from the catching of the large Arctic cod to the upcycling of the fish skin into the finished and mixed collagen powder.

When choosing packaging, we have pondered extensively and have selected plastic as a valuable resource because it can keep the powder fresh for as long as possible. Therefore, you can enjoy your marine collagen powder from Vild Nord for a long time without worrying that the quality or effectiveness will diminish as the days go by.

Plastic - a valuable resource? Yes, we believe it is, as long as it is produced, handled, and recycled correctly. We have ensured that the plastic we use is food-grade and that we use as little of it as possible. Ultimately, we need your help to recycle the plastic so that the entire cycle is completed optimally.

We hope you will correctly sort the jar when you dispose of your waste where you live.

You can read more about plastic and why we use this material as packaging in our blog post Plastic - a valuable resource.Vild Nord - We mind that you care

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