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Why remember vitamin D?

Vitamin D is one of the most talked about vitamin, but what exactly is the reason for that? The vitamin is found in many foods, and then the sun is our primary source of this important vitamin. This is why vitamin D is also called the "sunshine vitamin".


In your body, vitamin D supports several functions, so there is good reason to remember the vitamin in your everyday life. Vitamin D contributes to:

  • A normal uptake/utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • A normal calcium content in the blood
  • To maintain normal bones
  • To maintain a normal muscle function
  • To maintain normal teeth
  • The normal function of the immune system

Vitamin D is, as you can see, in many different functions ranging from your body's skeleton to the function of your immune system.
Some people, there may be a deficiency of vitamin D, which may cause several deficiency symptoms. Therefore, you should be out in the sun when the sun is out, but always remember to use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.
Take walks in the beautiful scenery and go to the beach and take a dip in the cool sea. All exercise you can do outdoors contributes to your daily need for vitamin D as long as the sun's rays hit the skin.

Bathing in the sea

The warm and bright sun rays are the body's primary source of the important vitamin D. When we are exposed to sunshine, a process is initiated in the skin that forms vitamin D. For those of us that live in the northern hemisphere, there are periods during the year when the sun is not strong enough to start the vitamin D synthesis in our skin.

Vitamin D through the skin

You can also get vitamin D by eating fatty fish like mackerel and salmon, but if you want a vegan source of the vitamin, the options are few. The biggest not-animal source of vitamin D is and will be the sun.

Earthlight®, a source of vitamin D

Earthlight® is the name of vitamin D from fungi, and also the method that increases the natural formation of the vitamin. This is why Earthlight® is used in supplements and foods. It is a unique source of vegan vitamin D, and it is actually the only method of its kind that is approved by EFSA (European Food and Safety Association).

Organic mushrooms

The mushrooms used are cultivated portobello- and white button mushrooms. Before they can be used as a source of vitamin D, they must go through a process that increases their formation of the sunshine vitamin.
The process is somewhat similar of the way we humans get vitamin D from the sun by exposing our skin to its rays. Similarly, the mushrooms are exposed to UV-light, which triggers the mushroom formation of vitamin D.
The mushrooms are dried and pulverized to the finest powder called Earthlight®, and eventually added to our collagen product, Collagen Immune Remedy.

Collagen Immune Remedy

The minimal processing results in the vitamin being a food state, which means that the vitamin D is preserved in its natural food form - more on this further down.

The two ingredients in Earthlight®

Why have we chosen portobello- and white button mushrooms as a source of vitamin D?

  • Portobello is a brown mushroom that originally comes from Italy. The fungus has a large, round brown, slightly flaky cap and a short white stem.
  • White Button is the well-known mushroom that many love to use in cooking. It has a nice white color and a mild taste. It is the baby version of the Portobello.

Both mushrooms are so easy to grow and they are a very good sources of the important vitamin D, especially when they are exposed to UV light.

Food State Vitamin

Do you know about Food State? In short, it is about using nutrients in their natural form. The vitamin D in Earthlight® comes from the two natural sources, namely portobello- and white button. We have chosen to use vitamin D in food state form as the body already knows this form. This can result in the body being able to absorb the nutrient more easily, which is an advantage.

Daylight Saving Time

Would you like to get to know the Food State even better? In our blog post ”Simply Food State”, You can read more about the natural approach to nutrients.

Get vitamin D with Vild Nord

In addition to a healthy diet, you can supplement with a daily supplement of vitamin D. This applies, as mentioned, especially during the darker months when the sun's beautiful and warm lights are not strong enough to have an effect. If you have a job where you are inside most of the day, you can also benefit from vitamin D through a dietary supplement.

Smoothie with collagen

You can supplement with Vild Nord Collagen and vitamin D by choosing Vild Nord Collagen Immune Remedy - a product for you who want to do a little extra for your immune system while at the same time pampering your skin.
Collagen Immune Remedy has a delicate purple color and a slightly tangy taste of berries. The collagen powder is added blackcurrant- and acerola powder that are natural sources of vitamin C, Earthlight® which is the source of vitamin D and last but not least, Echinacea that supports the immune system.

Collagen Immune Remedy


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