Amino acids: What do they do?

Aminosyrer: Hvad gør de? - Vild Nord

Amino acids are molecules that combine to form proteins. These are some of the largest components of the body after water. Their role is helping to make our organisms function. Their role is structural (cell membranes, collagen) and functional (hormones, enzymes, the immune system).

The amino acids role is to form proteins, which includes a component of the body and skin. We have met Gauthier Thiry who is the nutritionist at Clinique del Mar (Medical Clinic & Plastic Surgery Clinic), in southern France. He has explained to us the function of amino acids in the body and where to find them.

What are amino acids?

In nature we find more than 300 different types of amino acids and approx. 20 of them can form proteins in our bodies.

“Proteins are part of the biology as they are components of 85% of the dry weight of organic matter. Without amino acids, the body cannot form proteins", explains the nutritionist Gauthier Thiry.

The amino acids are linked to each other in peptide chains that form proteins. A peptide is an amino acid chain consisting of between 2 and 10 amino acids, and a protein consists of more than 10 amino acids.

It is fully possible to get enough essential amino acids through the diet, and have the necessary building blocks you need to form proteins through protein synthesis.

Proteins help to strengthen the formation of muscle mass and maintain the bone mass, but it is also the building blocks of the skin, the joints, the nails and the hair, as these also consist of proteins", explains Gauthier Thiry.

Proteins are part of the biological functions of the body. They contribute to normal growth and development of bones in children, the maintenance of our muscle mass, the elasticity of our skin over the years and many other processes.

The differences between essential and nonessential amino acids

There are 20 different amino acids. 9 of them are essential which means they cannot be formed in the body, and we must therefore get them through our diet.

Acides Aminés Collagène Vild Nord

The nonessential amino acids

There are 11 not nonessential amino acids. These are produced naturally in the body through protein synthesis.

The essential amino acids

The essential amino acids cannot be synthesized by our own bodies, and therefore must come through the diet in a high enough amount: 9 is essential for children and 8 for adults.

When it comes to the amino acids, one must know that they cannot form protein synthesis unless they are complete, which means that all the 8 essential amino acids must be present in what we consume through the diet. If one is missing, protein synthesis will be affected," says Gauthier Thiry.

Where to get the essential amino acids from our diet?

Complete protein

If a food contains all the essential amino acids, one says that it is a source of a complete protein, where an incomplete protein contains only a few essential amino acids. However, this does not mean that a food is poor if it does not contain all 9 essential amino acids, simply that the food should not be the only thing you consume to meet your daily amino acid requirement.

Complete protein

Animal proteins

The animal protein sources contain most of the different essential amino acids. We see them in the figure above in chicken, red meat, pork, fish and eggs.

“I am particularly aware of my patients who are vegetarians and vegans. In order for their need for all essential amino acids to be met, it is a good idea to vary their diet. But also pregnant women can consider their protein intake, just as athletes often take extra amino acids and proteins, as part of their diet, due to the intensity of their physical activity," explains Gauthier Thiry.

Plant proteins

There are also vegetables that contain the essential amino acids, such as legumes, tofu seitan, nuts and seeds.

There are also supplements that contain all the 9 essential amino acids and which can be a great alternative if you think your diet is not varied enough.

It's here that Vild Nord can be an idea!

Vild Nord Collagen with all the essential amino acids.

The amino acids found in Vild Nord® collagen powder helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Our connective tissue and organs consist of, among other things, proteins made up of amino acids. Amino acids are also components of the proteins that are components for skin: collagen, elastin and keratin.

One can therefore see that a dietary supplement with a complete amino acid profile can contribute with the building blocks that the skin needs to stay beautiful.

“My work at Clinique del Mar is, among other things, to find other ways to treat skin problems that you cannot treat with cosmetological medicine from the surface. Sometimes it is in the diets where the challenge is to be resolved,” confirms Gauthier Thiry

Collagen from Vild Nord, a great source of amino acids that can reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines

A reason to take collagen

Collagen is the protein most abundant in the body. It's also called “the body's glue”, as it binds our body together. You find this protein in almost all tissues (skin, joints, tendons, joints, bones, hair, nails and mucous membranes).

Unfortunately, our natural production of collagen decreases as you age and the skin becomes less elastic and you get wrinkles and fine lines. Here, our collagen supplement can be part of a beauty routine.

Collagen VILD NORD, the best quality of hydrolyzed collagen

We have developed our range of collagen products from the source of collagen that we have the greatest confidence in.

Collagen Clean Proteins Vild Nord

We have chosen to use cod skins as the source to our collagen and there is a good reason for that. The cod lived freely in the icy, crystal clear northern Atlantic Ocean. This collagen contains all 9 essential amino acids, albeit with a limited amount of tryptophan of 0.06 g per 100 g, and is thus a source of complete protein.

“I have worked with collagen from Vild Nord for 2 years now. As a nutritionist, I am naturally interested in the origin of the product, quality and traceability and also the values ​​of the macro- and the micronutrients. What I am interested in is to work with a product based on collagen peptides that are hydrolyzed with a molecular weight of only 3kda and with all the essential amino acids," emphasizes Gauthier Thiry

Vild Nord collagen is collagen type I, which is found in the largest amount in the skin. The product Collagen Clean Protein consists of 1 ingredient, namely pure collagen and it has the highest content of protein - 95%.

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